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Holding Hands


Therapy for couples and individuals

My passion is people. I committed myself to help client’s reach their full potential by addressing issues that seem insurmountable and irreversible. Whether that's in your relationship or in your personal life, I am here to help. I look forward to walking alongside you in working through the issues that seem overwhelming. My desire is to offer and share hope, and through this process, provide the opportunity and atmosphere to allow you and your loved ones to live a life not yet lived.


I’m a Licensed Therapist in Florida (MH16004) and have over 6 years of experience working with couples, individuals, and adolescents. From a young age, I pursued avenues to help people who struggled being the best version of themselves. I specialize in helping couples and individuals feel secure in their lives and relationships. My passion is helping people communicate effectively, connect deeply, and be able to be vulnerable while still feeling secure.⁣

I graduated from Liberty University with my Masters Degree in professional counseling in 2014, Married my best friend in 2017, and grew our family by 1 in April 2021.

My goal here is to help break stigmas of mental health counseling, especially for men and those that feel like they have to always have it together and be strong. Vulnerability isn’t a weakness. It can be your greatest asset. And in a relationship, when both partners are willing to embrace that vulnerability together you can experience a deep connection that will last a lifetime.